Talk about Solutions

The biggest question most people have about climate change is “What are the solutions?”  We have solutions! Bring some good news to a few friends.  Talk about the solutions to climate change and how these solutions don’t need to turn our lives upside down and can even save money.

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  • Raise awareness about the solutions to climate change
  • Bring good news to a friend
  • Inspire someone else to take action!

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The Action
We will talk with 5 friends about the solutions to climate change.
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Yes, this action is for everyone!
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This action can be done anytime, by anyone.
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Medium - time to talk with 5 friends.
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  • Raise awareness about the solutions to climate change

  • Bring good news to a friend

  • Inspire someone else to take action!

The Basics

Studies show that the majority of Americans are concerned about climate change, but most don’t know what to do. It can seem like such a huge and overwhelming problem when you don’t know about the solutions. Most people are glad to know we have solutions and even happier when they see that the solutions don’t need to turn our lives upside down.


Learn more about solutions
Check out the example talking points
Call a few friends and talk about climate solutions!

This is good news

Talking about climate change is something many people avoid.  They are worried that maybe their neighbors are not as concerned as they are or that they might need to be an expert to talk about it.  However, studies show that most Americans are concerned about climate change and the likelihood is that your neighbor has the same concerns that you do. 

Studies also show that one of the main areas people know the least about is the solutions.  People are concerned and really want to know what the solutions are.  Learning about solutions helps to make a big often scary problem less scary.  It actually usually makes people happy to know we have solutions and that they can see those solutions won’t turn their lives upside down.

Even better, they are usually happy there is something they can do to help.  You don’t need to be an expert to talk about the solutions to climate change. Below is some basic info and example talking points you can use.  If they would like more information, you can share the link to our site or the National Academy of Sciences National Climate Assessment.

Talking points

Talking about solutions is not hard to do.  In fact, you can mention it in passing in most conversations, just like any other topic.  It’s easy.  You could say something like, “Did you know we have the solutions to climate change and they are actually not that hard to do?  I just learned about it.  I was really surprised at how easy the solutions are and also found out there are things we can all do to help.”

Here’s some basic info on the solutions pathway:

  1. Make our electricity renewable - like solar and wind.  These technologies don’t create the emissions that cause climate change.  With new advancements in battery technology, we can rely on these resources for regular, consistent electricity for our future.

  2. Switch to using electricity for all our energy needs - switch to electric cars and electricity for heating our homes.

  3. Be energy efficient along the way to keep our energy use down.

Here are a few of the great additional benefits to these solutions:

  • Improve our health - clean, renewable energy doesn’t create air pollution.  If we transition to renewable electricity and electric vehicles, we will eliminate most air pollution.  Imagine a world with no more smog!

  • Create millions of U.S. jobs - the transition to clean renewable energy will create millions of local, U.S. jobs installing and manufacturing renewable energy technology and in energy efficiency building upgrades.

  • Lower energy costs - in the long run, renewable energy is less expensive and will lower energy bills in the future for families.

  • Local control, local benefit - renewable energy is much easier for families or communities to install and own.  This creates an opportunity for families and communities to have more control over their energy sources and share in the financial benefit of these new technologies.

Here’s a bit more info on common concerns:

  • What about the cost?  The prices for renewable energy have dropped drastically in the last 5 years and are now equal to gas, oil or coal in most places, or even cheaper.  This means that making this transition will be cost effective and does not need to hurt our economy.

  • Not ready to buy an electric car?  No problem!  In the next 2 years electric car battery ranges will increase significantly to well over 200 miles per charge making them a feasible option for most people.  Did you know, electric cars are far cheaper to operate and maintain?  On average they save anywhere from $50-$200 a month on gas and have nearly no maintenance - no oil changes or major services.  And, the best part, they are fun to drive!  They are fast, responsive, quiet and cheap to operate.  They will soon be cheaper to purchase and a popular choice.

  • I don't want to turn my thermostat down and be cold.  Being energy efficient does not mean setting your thermostat to 50 degrees!  It means being energy smart and having a programmable thermostat so you can make sure your heater is turned down during the day when you're away and set at a reasonable, comfortable temperature when you’re home.  It means when you buy new appliances to choose energy efficient models.  You can save money and be comfortable being energy efficient!

  • I can't do this all tomorrow!  No problem.  The goal is to make significant progress on this transition over the next 10-15 years.  So we don’t have to do everything tomorrow.  We can plan to make changes as we normally would, like switch to an electric vehicle the next time you are ready to buy a new car.  Install a new high efficiency electric water heater the next time your water heater is up for replacement.  This really doesn’t need to turn our lives upside down, it is about making good choices to protect our future when we have the chance.  


Most people are happy when they hear about the solutions to climate change and realize how doable they are.  You can brighten someone’s day by letting them know we have a path forward and that it will make our lives better.  We all share the same concerns about our families and our future, especially our children's future.  Sharing information on solutions helps to bring these solutions to light and raise awareness about the choices that will protect our future.