Join the St. Peters Green Cup Challenge, reduce your impact, save money and help create a cleaner, healthier future!

Households by April 2019
Participation Goal
80 homes
Tons of CO2 by April 2019
Reduction Goal
Top Community Group
Francis Howell Central High School
Top Team
Drovers Crossing

How It Works

Create your profile

It's easy to get started. Create your household profile and enter some information on your current activities so we can track your success!

Take sustainable actions

Browse a list of actions that will help reduce your impact, then add them to your dashboard. We'll help with next steps, costs, and questions.

Work together

Create a team of households so you can collaborate together. Discuss actions with the whole community. And compete with other communities too!

Explore Actions

Actions are simple everyday things that you can do to reduce your impact, and many also save you money. Click on a category below to explore the actions.

33 Actions Taken
79 Actions Committed
261 Gallons Gas Saved
6,199 kWh Electricity Saved
240 Therms Natural Gas Saved
14,452 Gallons Water Saved

Help Improve Your Community

These actions will help create a cleaner, healthier community with less air pollution and cleaner, more efficient energy.  They also create local jobs, lower energy costs and provide local financial benefits.

It only takes a little bit to make a difference and together we can make a big impact. You just have to start.